[Typo3] Starmoney and the Typo3-Copyright-Notice

Gerald Fränkl | atic typo3 at atic.de
Thu Mar 10 14:58:40 CET 2005

Hi Joey,

JoH schrieb:
>>I would bet, that http://www.starmoney.de is running on Typo3?
>>But no Typo3 coypright notice in the sourcecode...
>>:-) Gerald
> Once again:
> It is not required to leave the copyright notice inside the HTML code
> intact, since this is not the _source code of_ but an _output of_ TYPO3 -
> which is something completely different.
> Read the GPL!

I know - I was talking of the HTML-Source. And my impression is: the 
developers do not like pages where the Typo3-Copyright-Notice is removed.

I'm just wondering: Starmoney is part of the federal bank system in 
Germany - metabo e.g. is clearly showing the Typo3-notice.

:-) Gerald

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