[Typo3] New domain with TV

Mark Fink mail at mark-fink.de
Wed Mar 9 08:30:55 CET 2005

Jakob Rohde wrote:
  I want to create a new site in the same tree as my primary site
> (at the same level), and this (and probably more to come) new site 
> should have exactly the same TV template.
> If I have 5 sites using the same template, it would be nice if I only 
> have to edit the template once, and it emmediately changes in all sites.
> Site1
> - page1
> - page2
> - page3
> Site2
> - page4
> - page5
> Site3
> - page6
> ... etc.
> Jakob
Hi Jakob,
I personally never did this because each of my site has a different 
template and different database of cause. But I think that you need a 
rootpage for each domain and set the domain-record for each root page.
I guess you have one master-rootpage from where each site inherits its 
template. Have you tried this?

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