[Typo3] templatevoila and realurl problem

Mark Fink mail at mark-fink.de
Tue Mar 8 16:57:36 CET 2005

I spent the whole day on try and error fixing my realurl configuration. 
I think I have a fair understanding of the configuration now and I think 
  I got it right. If I enter the url into the address field of my 
browser everything works like desired. If I enter 
http://www.mark-fink.de/my-blog.html the desired page is displayed.
If I use the navigation menu I get http://www.mark-fink.de/index.php?id=9.
As far as I understand realurl and typo this should work with my HMENU too.

I figured that this has something to do with the templatevoila 
installation I am using because nobody reported such a behaviour before.

Any idea how those two extensions can cooperate. I do not want to trade 
tv for realurl.


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