[Typo3] Content Header Date formatting

Peter Niederlag niederlag at ikd01.de
Mon Mar 7 23:47:49 CET 2005


Marlies C schrieb:
> I was checking out the date field in the Content Header, but it does some 
> strange things:
> 1. It is now 3:01pm March 7/05, but it show March 8/05
> 2. How can I change the display format. It shows 8/3/05, but I want it to 
> show Monday, March 7/05.
> For point 2 I have found that I have to somehow alter the something for 
> lib.stdheader:
>    lib.stdheader.field = tstamp
>    lib.stdheader.date =
> Ok, my questions are how to I create the proper typoscript to get the output 
> I want and how can I get the proper day to show up not a day in the future.

1. This is probably due to the obstacle of globalisation. Afaik the time 
and timezone setttings of your server are important! You probably need 
to check on that...

date = M d/y
might do the trick

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