[Typo3] change default country at sr_feuser_register

Sacha Vorbeck sachav at gmx.net
Mon Mar 7 12:24:12 CET 2005


I`d like to change the default country in the registration form. At the 
moment Afghanistan is the default.

I tried to change the sr_feuser_register/ext_tables.php:

'static_info_country' => Array (
   'exclude' => 0,
   'label' => 
   'config' => Array (
     'type' => 'input',
     'size' => '5',
     'max' => '3',
     'eval' => '',
     'default' => 'DEU'

But the change has no effect. I also don`t get why type is input while 
the form shows a select box.

Thanks for any hints,

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