[Typo3] How to add dynamic parameters to external URLs?

Matthias Mark foren at matthiasmark.de
Mon Mar 7 12:09:00 CET 2005

Hi Marlies				

it' s really a nice tutorial. But I have some more questions:

1.  How can I use more dynamic parameters?

If  I assign only one dynamic parameter to the stdWrap I do it in the following way:
    stdWrap.data = GPvar:country 

I can use it the way you described above:
    stdWrap.wrap = &country= |" target={$targetFrame}>

But is it also possible to assign the following to the stdWrap:

e.g. with something like that: 

stdWrap. ? {
      insertData = 1
      value = &country={GPvar:country}&osCsid={GPvar:osCsid}
(? is only a placeholder)
so that  the "parsed" parameterlist (&country=[dynamic1]&osCsid=[dynamic2])
is used for the stdWrap.wrap:

 stdWrap.wrap = |" target={$targetFrame}>

2.  How can I use a graphical menu?

I' m  not using a TMENU but a GMENU.
I know  that  I have to change TMENU to GMENU.
Furthermore you have in your tutorial the part where you assign 
the title to your TMENU-topics:

after.data = field:title

But what to do when there's a GMENU. How is it possible to 
assign an image like the following to "after". 
(It's the image I generated in the GMENU before I used your wrap-tutorial. 
This version is still without background image but I think it works the same way)

XY = [10.w]+20,21
backColor = #6D0000
10 = TEXT
10.text.case = upper
10.fontFile = fileadmin/template/ft77.ttf
10.text.field = nav_title // title
10.fontSize = 12
10.fontColor = #FFFFFF
10.offset = 15,19
10.niceText = 0


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