[Typo3] Running Typo3 Without ImageMagick

Valery Romanchev it at webmed.ru
Sun Mar 6 13:09:57 CET 2005


> I've just setup Typo3 on a server that does not have 
> ImageMagick available. 
> I know the documentation says that it's highly recommended 
> but what does that mean? 

Resize images. Make thumbnails.

> Will I be able to do anything with 
> images?  I'm just wondering what to expect and if it's just 
> plain silly not having ImageMagick.  Thanks!

1)Download imagemagick-4.2.9 from

2)Put imagemagick to any directory of your hosting account
3)in Install Tool put this directory as path to imagemagick

Best regards,
Valery Romanchev
freelance TYPO3 web-developer
romanchev at list.ru
Moscow, Russia

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