[Typo3] Remove Quickstart, install Dummy package.

Michael Stucki michael at typo3.org
Sat Mar 5 16:40:40 CET 2005

Mads Gorm Larsen wrote:

> I have installed the quickstartpackage, but now I would like to work
> through the documentation "Building templates 1", and here I must install
> the Dummy package, how can I do this without having to start all over. (or
> is there another suggestion)

You don't have to install the dummy package for this, it's just an example.
In fact, the dummy package is a clean site with no content at all.

However if you already have some content, that's no problem! Just add a new
site below of the FC Bigfeet tree and start with a 2nd template.

> Which mail list is the most read and most active, it seems there is not
> all that much activity on all the threads. So I would like to know, were
> is there the most activity.

This one is No 1. If you think it does not get enough replies compared to
questions - feel free to help!

- michael
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