[Typo3] How to add dynamic parameters to external URLs?

Matthias Mark foren at matthiasmark.de
Sat Mar 5 10:51:46 CET 2005

Hi everyone,

I want to combine Typo3 and osCommerce. They are installed separately.
Because I don't want to loose the shopping cart and another parameter 
changing from one application to the other one I give the session Id 
and a parameter from osCommerce to Typo3.

In Typo3 I get the value of the parameter in the following way:

page.config.linkVars = osCsid
[globalVar = GP:osCsid > 0 ]
config.no_cache = 1
config.no_cache = 0

While I'm using internal links in Typo3 all works fine. The parameters are
transferred from one page to the other. But when I'm using external URLs the 
parameters are lost and with it the goods in the shopping cart and another value.

I received already the following info:

temp.link = TEXT
temp.link {
    insertData = 1
    value = myexturl?osCsid={GPvar:osCsid}

I know that I can integrate it in a page with :

page.x < temp.link

But how can I assign it to an element?

Furthermore I don't have only one external URL to append the parameters. In my menu 
there are e.g. pages  with shortcuts to external URLs which should contain the parameters. 
Thus the parameters have to be added to the external URLs automatically. Maybe there would also be links to external URLs within the content of the Typo3-pages.

How is it possible to add paramters, which can be dynamic or static, automically to all 
existing external URls within the Typo3 Page, without adding the parameters for every single 
URL by your one?

To illustrate it I added the following example:

[externalUrl]?parameter1 =xyz&parameter2=[dynamic value]

1. [externalUrl] 
   is an external URL, which is for expamle insert in a shortcut
2. ?parameter1 =xyz&parameter2=[dynamic value]
   this are the parameters which should be automatically added to the external URLs,
   in which [dynamic value] isn't a predetermined value but a value generated 
   during runtime (e.g. the osCsid given from osCommerce) 

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