[TYPO3]Problem in horizontal menu appearance

Reena reena at srijan.co.in
Sat Mar 5 09:41:38 CET 2005

Hi All,

I want to create a horizontal menu this way:

home | about us | contact us

and i am using the following typo script:
temp.topnavi = HMENU
#temp.topnavi.maxItems =
temp.topnavi.wrap = <table border=0 width=780 align=center> 
temp.topnavi.1 = TMENU
    expAll = 0
    NO.ATagTitle.field = title
    NO.allWrap = <td class="topnavi_no" > |<td width="1px" 
    ACT = 0
    ACT.allWrap =  <td valign="top"  class="topnavi_act" ><a href=#>Home</a> 
    ACT.ATagTitle.field = title


But I am getting the menu this way:

home | about us | contact us |

1. I don't know how to remove the last vertical line after contact us.
2. And this line appears to be much broader even after setting the td width 
to 1 px.
3. I have brought this line using td.

Could anybody suggest me some ways of getting this.

Thank You,

Warm Regards,
Reena Chandel,
Srijan Technologies Pvt. Ltd,

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