[Typo3] Portfolio building simpler

Kairos y Cronos Diseño kyc at adinet.com.uy
Fri Mar 4 20:34:46 CET 2005

I am working on my first typo3 project. A website for our studio.
I've implemented all the pages of our site with templa volia. (it's not  
published yet)
While working on the projects area of the site I've noticed that I will 
be re- entering the information twice or maybe more times to display 
similar content on different pages.
The sheet that will have more fields would be:

    * Name of the project
    * Client  
    * Year
    * Area (product, graphic, website)
    * Photo  
    * Description
    * Award

I would like to enter the data once and to retrieve it in different kind 
of pages.
One with a list with some fields p.e.: name, client, year.  Others (some 
of them) as case studies with all the fields and a special template.
Any ideas where to start?

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