[Typo3] removing clear.gif

jim jim at 3ev.com
Fri Mar 4 17:13:05 CET 2005

I installed the sl_css_imgtext (css-image-styled) extension and made 
sure that i hadn't included cSet (default) and cSet, etc.

I mentioned using a class as it is including content to my page in the 
sense that its creating unnecessary padding that i don't want. If i 
could remove it with CSS then thats fine by me, I've spent a day trying 
to get this thing out and its driving me mad :)

I'm not sure if i was supposed to do anything else after those steps but 
i checked through the extension files and couldn't find any reference to 
  clear gifs being inserted, etc. The extension hasn't had any effect on 
the page code wise apart from including the alt and title tags.

I know this is a trivial matter but I can't ignore it.

When i insert an image it seems to create a table and within one of the 
rows its placing this clear.gif in. Again I've removed so much of the 
code in the TypoScript Object browser that I'm clueless as to where its 
coming from.

Any ideas would be much appreciated.

Thanks Rob for your earlier help.


Rob De Vries wrote:
> install the css-image-styled ext (choose the one with the alt & title 
> options)
> You have to know that these ext. are not finished yet, but are being 
> worked on very hard.
> also make sure you don't use cSet(default) and/or cSet. (you don't need 
> to include a static templ)
> giving your clear.gif a class and then hide them with your css just 
> doesn't make sence, semanticly this is even unlogic (a cear.gif doesn't 
> contribute any informtaion to your content)
>  >Please get these clear gifs out, or make it clearer where they are 
> being  inserted.
> Now you can do this yourself
> hope it is of some help
> Rob

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