[Typo3] Previewing before publishing

Stefan Neufeind news.netfielders.de at stefan-neufeind.de
Fri Mar 4 00:39:04 CET 2005

Robert Markula wrote:
> Roberts, Emma wrote:
>> Hi board,
>> Does Typo3 have the facility to preview pages before actually publishing
>> them live?  I'm about to add a search function to my site so will be
>> tinkering around with it but don't want my users to see my tinkering.
>> Thanks,
>> Emma
> Would it be sufficient to mark pages as "hidden" in the page Header?
> Then your FE-users don't see and can't view the pages, even when they
> have the correct URL. Only you can see them in the FE.
> Ro


I think it's a justified inquiry - because sometimes you'll want to edit
pages and have the "old" ones show up while you are writing / reviewing
the new content. So a temporary mode for a page which is just viewable
by that one editor might be helpful.

But because of the storage-layout etc. I'm not sure how to achieve this
cleanly. And to my knowledge there are no "workarounds" for this yet,
except copying the page by hand.


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