[Typo3] Load Balancing solution?

Sven Hary hary at dewio.de
Thu Mar 3 17:05:43 CET 2005

Hi list

In order to spread the load we would like to use typo3 on several servers. One server is supposed to bet he master with BE (back end), and all the other servers should have an equivalent copy of the web-files of that server. A central db server will be used as a database on which all the other servers will have access. 

There are some short reports on the internet which say that this is possible with T3, but I wonder how that's supposed to work with the T3-cache.

A solution might be to have all servers write the cache- and upload-data on the master server via NFS, and then spread it to all servers via rsync. But that would require to rout the file writing to another directory. Would that work, or is it impossible?
Is there another way to solve the problem?

- Sven Hary (4wiesel)

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