[Typo3] <split> extension, printversion

Albert (Pod-Dubon) albert at pod-dubon.com
Thu Mar 3 12:20:54 CET 2005

Hi Michael and list

Did that but still I get double rendering. I think it is because I have to
put the plugin in the TS part which refers to the template I use.
Here that part of the TS:

print_page = PAGE
print_page.stylesheet = fileadmin/templates/print.css
print_page {
  typeNum = 98
   10 = TEMPLATE
   10  {
   template = FILE
   template.file = fileadmin/templates/print.html   
   marks.CONTENT_LEFT < styles.content.getLeft
   marks.CONTENT < styles.content.get
   marks.MAIN_TITLE = TEXT
   marks.MAIN_TITLE.value = Manual
   marks.PAGE_TITLE = TEXT
   marks.PAGE_TITLE.field  = title

I am quite a newbie. Where in this script should I put in the
I tried marks.CONTENT < plugin.tx_cccbrowse_pi1   but that does not work
I tried page.5 < plugin.tx_cccbrowse_pi1    but get double rendering again.
Regards, Albert
Michael wrote
Hello Albert,

I think you only need page.50 < plugin.tx_cccbrowse_pi1. Delete page.50 <
styles.content.get and it will work.

Michael Wolf
TUDOCK - www.tudock.de

am Donnerstag, 3. März 2005 um 09:57 schrieben Sie:

Hi list,

I try to use the <split> extension in order to define the place where pages
brake. This is in particular important for the print version of the website
(which is in fact a handbook in webformat). Now of course the illustrations
, graphs and tables break in an unpredictable manner.
I installed the cc_cbrowse extension of Rene Fritz. I then included two
lines in the setup. (page.50 < plugin.tx_cccbrowse_pi1 than page.50 <

The site then starts rendering everything twice. It means that the original
rendering is unchanged and at the end of the rendered page a new rendering
starts that redering includes the splits.
Before I put the full typoscript in this mail I first would like to know if
someone has experience with the cc_cbrowse.

An alternative might be the method used on the typo3 site for documentation.
However I have not figured out what method has been used there to include
links to next parts.

Thanks, Albert

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