[Typo3] Login and Redirect - help please

Mike Jones mrt.jones at ntlworld.com
Wed Mar 2 22:06:56 CET 2005

Hello all

Using Typo3 3.6.0

I have installed TempleVoila, CSS Styled Content, newlogin box and redirect

Page structure looks like

root page (uid=3)


I have a sysfolder which has two templates 'loginpage' and 'mainpage'

Only the root page has template 'loginpage', and the rest of the tree is set
to have 'mainpage' template

Also in the sysfolder I have a frontend usergroup, 'staff' and a user
'staffuser1' who is a member of the group

Both the group and the user are set to redirect to the page 'subjects' on
successful login

And the page 'subjects' has a visibility setting for the group 'staff'

I don't know what else to do but when the username and password are entered
correctly it says 'You have successfully logged in' BUT it stays on the same
page (uid=3) - why won't it go to 'subjects'?

I have tried to get logins working several times over about a year and I
have always given up but the project I am working on now needs it and I want
to get it to work.

Any help please?

Thank you

Mike Jones

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