[Typo3] Workaround for :first-child and :last-child in menus

Ries van Twisk typo3 at rvt.dds.nl
Wed Mar 2 18:31:37 CET 2005

We do rounded menu's awell,
with a last and first aswell..

I think that T3 can handle that perfectly well.. and it's even not that 
It's porperly a little more typoscript..... No java inlcuded (unless 
it's automaticly generated).


>The graphics-guy designed this very nice design, with rounded menus and
>everything - he made a workaround because IE don´t support :first-child and
>:last-child, so a example of the menu would be:
>  <li id="first">Example</li>
>  <li>Example</li>
>  <li id="active">Example</li>
>  <li>Example</li>
>  <li id="last">Example</li>
>The graphics-guy ain't that happy about Typo3, so I'm having a hard time
>proving that Typo can do whatever he wants it to.
>How do I implement this in Typo3? Is the sollution some dirty
>JavaScript-hack? (http://dean.edwards.name/IE7/)
>-- Brian
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