[Typo3] Question regarding Mount Page, tsconfig, shortcuts.

christian reiter cr at n-o-s-p-a-m-cxd.de
Wed Mar 2 16:28:03 CET 2005


I am using Mount Page with the goal of including a part of the page tree
from site A in site B.

It works fine in so far as the totally different configuration of site B
(constants, setup, templates) is correctly applied to the pages derived from
the mount point. However, there are two small problems.

First, shortcuts within the mounted tree don´t seem to work in Site B, they
just appear as empty pages.

Second, I have an extension installed (stfl_replacer) which takes its
configuration from the TSCOnfig field, where it is usually entered in the
parent page. While the A-pages mounted in Site B do inherit all of their
Constant and Setup information from the site root template of B, they retain
their TSConfig from the site root of A. I can see this by simply setting the
TSConfig in the root pages of A and B to replace the same term with
different results; the replacement configuration of site A is carried over
into site B. This even though there is not an entry at all in the TSConfig
fields of the pages that are mounted - only in the root page.
Am I doing somehting wrong or is this just the way Mount Pages behave, i.e.
they don´t really entirely simulate that they exist in the site that mounts

thanks for any hints,

christian reiter

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