[Typo3] Imagemaps with Javascript window open

Jan Wulff messages at janwulff.de
Wed Mar 2 15:28:48 CET 2005


I'm just wondering if it is possible to create area tags (for an imagemap)
including the Javascript window open function. This is easily possible for
'a' tags for example by this:
10 = TEXT
10.typolink.parameter.field = tv_link_field

If tv_link_field was set in the page header to '6 123x456', this will
create an 'a' tag like this:
<a href="#"

As far as I can see, I have to build the area tag for imagemaps by myself.
If so, I have to get access to the onclick attribute of the typolink, but I
can't find any option to do this. I could just take the 'a' tag and try to
cut of the beginning and ending characters, till only the onclick attribute
is left, but because the length of the tag may change, I can't use

The only option I can see at this moment, is to create three input fields,
one for the target page, one for the width and one for the height of the
new window and build the Javascript by myself with Typoscript, but that
feels to much like a dirty hack for me. If Typo3 already offers this
function for 'a' tags, it should be possible to use it for area tags, too.

Any hints?


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