[Typo3] Is there any extension for "Link Management" in TYPO?

Tracy Li angleph8 at yahoo.com
Wed Mar 2 01:02:49 CET 2005

Hi Mario				

Thank you for responding to my question.
Just installed the "CMW Linklist" extension to try out its "Link Check" backend function. Have successfully added a plugin of type "CMW Linklist" to a page. Created a couple of new records of type "category" and "link" on this page (also set the access to "Show at any login"). According to its online documentation, there seems to be three BE view types, "Approve links", "Links reported broken" and "Check for non-working links". I couldn't figured out how to get to any of these three views. Also, when I view the page in IE, none of the link categories or links are displayed. Don't know what went wrong. Also, is it true that this extention only works with the links corresponding to those new "link" records created on the page containing this extension? Please advise and thanks in advance.

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