[Typo3] tt_news 1.04 -> 2.0 - upgrade problem

Stephane Schitter stephane.schitter at free.fr
Tue Mar 1 19:12:58 CET 2005

Quoting Rupert Germann <rupi at gmx.li>:

> Michal Wrzesien wrote:
>> I've got problem with upgrading tt_news extension. It doesn't
>> recognize any database fields to ugrade (there is no UPDATE in the
>> menu when upgrading extension and later..) and tt_news_cat_mm table
>> remains empty - and shoudn't be, right?


> But no categories. this is an error and I'll send you the fixed file by PM.
> thx for beta-testing ;-)
> greets
> rupi

Does that mean that once an extension was marked as stable in the TER 
it remains
visible stable for subsequent versions (even those less stable ones) ? Is it
possible to know what is the latest stable version (for example was tt_news
1.7.0 recognised as stable and everything after that would be alpha, beta or
anything else) ?


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