[Typo3] typo3 not accessible?

Kari Salovaara kari.salovaara at pp1.inet.fi
Tue Mar 1 12:33:49 CET 2005

Dominik Blystak wrote:
> Hello list,
> currently I have problems to reach typo3.org and the ext repository. Seems 
> that this problem exists for several days now. Does anybody else have this 
> kind of problems?
> Guess that does not help typo3's reputation..
> Dominik

I split the problem in two:

- yesterday I got blank pages for 3 hours
- sometimes site is really slow but I expect that to be only due heavy use
- mostly (95%) site is functional, level is good for Typo3 ;-)

TER - repository
- maybe it's too heavily used
- it takes from 1 min. to 10 minutes to load the main page
- to load extensions fails 50%-80% depending which extension you are 
loading or updating. Example I have had to try to update htmlareaRTE 9 
times before I successed. Every trial took 10 mins, so I had to work 1 
1/2 hours just to update this extension.
- even some small extensions take minutes to load
- conclusion, I'm working during nights
- seldom (55%) site is functional, level is normal for Typo3 ;-)

OK. Typo3 is open source and free like speech and NOT like beer.
I'm not complaing just noticing the situation.


Kari Salovaara

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