[Typo3] Some questions about ADS, DB-Abstraction, File management

Eckbert P.Dollhofer lista at selbstdenker.ag
Tue Mar 1 12:01:33 CET 2005

Hi I have some questions which I would like to explore deeper maybe 
somebody could give me some directions where to start:

1. Active Directory sign on: Are there any extension handling a single 
sign on or does anyone use typo3 with single sign on

2. Database abstraction layer: Anyone already using it productive and 
if yes with wich DB. What about searches through long text on Oracle?

3. File management of more than 2000 office documents: Whats the best 
way to organize that? Users or Groups should have access to only their 
folders and there should be some kind of (visual) reference between 
files and pages they are on.

Thanks for your support

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