[Typo3] "CODE" problem

Wim Cruysberghs - thuis wim.cruysberghs at telenet.be
Tue Mar 1 18:34:49 CET 2005

Hey list,

i am having the same prob as described by Alina, with the extensions tt_news
and tt_address. I am running on the localhost as provided by the
TESTSITE-3.7.0. Package.

Someone knows where the origin of this problem lies?



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I have a problem with both extensions tt_products and
tt_news. Typo3 don't read the parameter CODE for the
pages and ofcourse it display nothing (but the
parameter is set and nothing is hide). How do i know
this: simply by putting a print in the code of classes
tx_ttproducts and tx_ttnews. Finally, i have solved
this problem by inserting in the function
main_products/main_news the line
     $this->config["code"] = $this->conf["code"];
and seting the code in the page template
(something like:
Maybe someone could tell me why in the "original" way
doesn't work wright!!!

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