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Kraft Bernhard kraftb at gmx.net
Thu Jun 30 17:27:45 CEST 2005

raluca oprean wrote:
> Hi Kraft				
> I've set the value in the lock field to -1 and it still doesn't save the style properties or the width or height values. I don't understand what you mean by "use 3D (mustache) optionSplit to define an empty style value for some fields and then you can define it manually for those cells".
> The values I put in the style atribute look like this:
> background-image: url(file: fileadmin/.../17.gif); background-position: bottom; background-repeat: no-repeat;

Well I use the table and have "style" settings for the table itself and also for some TD's.

Don't get confused when I tell you to use 3D option split.

In the "Cell Locking" sheet the TYPE of most fields is "mustache-optionSplit".

This means you can of course insert ANY string. If you write "text-align: center;" into the STYLE field
of the "Cell Locking" sheet ANY TD will have "text-align: center;" as style ...

So I assume that you have written something into the Cell Locking style-field (Pherhaps just a "." or something
other small). If this is the case the values will always be reset to this ...

If it's really not that I would need to take a look at the table ... and what happens. So I would
need an User-Account in your BE. If the site is on a non-reachable dev-server I can't do anything as
I can't debug my extension without knowing what happens exactly ... sorry

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