[Typo3] Mailformular open after clixk "send" button an new windows - why?

daniela schoenberger Deca_Typo3 at web.de
Thu Jun 30 12:06:00 CEST 2005

i have insert the mailformular from typo3 in my homepage and edit with this text.
   Salutation | salutation=select | Herr, Frau
  Name: | *name=input,40
  Phone: | *phone=input,40
  Email: | *email=input,40
  Company: | *company=input,40
  Address: | address=textarea,40,5
  Request: | request=textarea,40,10
  Contact me: | kunde_wünscht_kontakt=check | 1
   | formtype_mail=submit | Send
   | html_enabled=hidden | 1
   | subject=hidden | Anfrage von Homepage
 but when i click the "send" button, then a new window opens.
 when i look at the quellcode from the homepage, there stand 
 but the content should be shown in the same window, like
 i don't know how i can to declare "target" it into the Mailformular.
 greetings ela

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