[Typo3] Re: In need of Redirect help

Nate Russell nate at chillmost.com
Wed Jun 29 23:05:04 CEST 2005

Jeff Segars wrote:
> Guess it helps if I tell you what file also :) 404page_not_found.php
> Jeff Segars wrote:
>> It turned out to be a one-liner....easier than I remembered.  The only 
>> change was an update in function names to support the DBAL.  After 
>> this it should work fine...
>> Line 106 changes from...
>> $TSFE->connectToMySQL();
>> to...
>> $TSFE->connectToDB();
>> Hope that helps!
>> jeff

Thanks for the tip, but it still doesn't work.

I did find out on a message here to add this to my localconf.php to stop 
realUrl from automatically falling back on the next highest page

> 'postVarSets' => array(
> 		'_DEFAULT' => array(
> 						),
> 					),
> );
> $TYPO3_CONF_VARS["FE"]["pageNotFound_handling"] = 
> 'index.php?id=pagenotfound';

Now I get the default TYPO3 error page but I don't know where to change 
that to my own custom page. For some reason it doesn't use the 404 Error 
handling extension. It still falls back on the highest page if I add 
.html to the end of the URL even it should get an error.


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