Sander Vogels sander at netcreators.nl
Wed Jun 29 14:07:38 CEST 2005

Dear T3 developers & users,

 From 5 to 7 juli the Eurpean Parliament will again vote about a 
'Proposal For a Directive of The European Parliament and of The Council 
on the patentability of computer-implemented inventions'.

The European Commission says that there is an "economic majority" in 
favour of software patents. This is what they concluded from a 
consultation in 2000, where more than 90% of the respondents were 
against software patents, but those that were in favour were claimed to 
have greater weight "in terms of investments and jobs".

The FFII, believe that the Commission was wrong, but the arguments have 
yet to be backed up by real commitments. So far, 1,538 companies, with a 
minimum of 28,057 employees and annual turnover of 1,875,978,094 EUR, 
have entrusted the FFII to defend their interests.

Hereby I ask all of you that have not been registered yet, to do so 
immediatly since we need as much of volume as we can get to put weight 
into the vote against this guideline. So if you think Open Source has to 
be 'preserved' and you as a company or free-lancer are dependent from it 
for your economic future, please do register as a supporter at:

Thanx and do it now! Do send this request to others!

Sander Vogels

On request from:
The Foundation for a Free Information Infrastructure (FFII) is a 
non-profit association registered in several European countries, which 
is dedicated to the spread of data processing literacy. The FFII 
supports the development of public information goods based on copyright, 
free competition and open standards.


Brussels Office

Erik Josefsson
Email: brussels at ffii.org
Phone: +32-273-96271
Address: Avenue Michel-Ange 68 / B-1040 Bruxelles / Belgium
Munich Office

Hartmut Pilch and Holger Blasum
Email: munich at ffii.org
Phone: +49-89-18979927
Fax: +49-89-12789609
Address: Blutenburgstr. 17 / 80636 München / Germany

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