[Typo3] In need of Redirect help

Nathan Russell nate at chillmost.com
Tue Jun 28 22:30:15 CEST 2005

My company's new site is going to go online soon. I'm excited about 
using TYPO3 and have already learned so much from the documentation and 
this list.

In our old site structure we had pages with links like this:


With the use of RealUrl, the new structure is very similar in such that 
the same page will be reachable at:


If somebody clicks an old link to these pages from another site (google 
for example), and because I can't, after days of trying, figure out how 
to set up the 404 Error Handling extension, they will be sent to the 
next level up that Typo3 can find, in this case "../n1/".

I know usually people want to do this the other way around and append 
the ".html" to the URL but we can't do that for a variety of other 

What is the best way to redirect these pages? With ReWrite in .htaccess 
file? somewhere in the config for RealUrl?


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