[Typo3] Frontend Editing with multiple domains

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That worked - Thanks much. 

Mickey Coke
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Coke, Mickey wrote:

> I hope someone can direct me to the solutions to this.  I have been 
> running a typo3 site for over 2 years now.  One site with one domain.
> Frontend Editing has been working great.  I recently moved the site to

> another server to it's webserver root directory.  Typo3 is no longer 
> running from a subdirectory.  I have then setup 2 subdomains.
> www.domain.com and domain.com.
> My Frontend editing works well in the original site at domain.com, but

> the newly created site and template works without Frontend editing.
> Does anyone have a suggestion?  Thanks.  Everything works fine, except

> for front end editing.
As far as I understand it: for frontend editing to work the backend
login has to occur via the same domain. If you login at
www.domain1.com/typo3/ you see the fe panel on pages under
www.domain1.com. To see it under www.domain2.com you have to login at

If you use https for backend login (or frontend login with simulatebe)
you have a problem: https is restricted to one domain since the
certificate is issued for that domain. In this case you have to live
with warnings about invalid certificates or you have to configure (in
apache) a seperate ip address (with its own certificate) for each

Hope this helps
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