[Typo3] Replace sr-language menu css?

Juraj Benadik gastan at gastan.sk
Mon Jun 27 20:05:21 CEST 2005

Jane Larsen wrote:
> Just need to change this css, how can this be done?
> Can I clear it somehow and then wirte the css in my main css file?
> //Jane Larsen

well, u can chenge wrapping of the flags like this for example 
(currently selected flag arrow)

plugin.tx_srlanguagemenu_pi1.flag.CUR.stdWrap.wrap = <div 
class="CUR"><img src="{$plugin.tx_srlanguagemenu_pi1.pointerImage}" 
style="width:7px; height:10px;" alt="Current Language"/> | </div>

and use your classes, or just override used classes in your CSS, I'd suppose


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