[Typo3] EU software patents vote

Tyler Kraft headhunterxiii at yahoo.ca
Mon Jun 27 14:25:51 CEST 2005

To all

I realise this is off topic, but I wanted to make sure we were all aware 
of this.

In the next 10 days there is likely to be voting on software patenting 
in the EU. And yes, I know there is a banner at the bottom of the 
typo3.org home page but I'm not sure many people see it there. Not only 
that but we might not remember it right now when we probably need to 
most be aware of it.

So with only the next few days that are left with this topic before it 
is voted on, I just want to remind all users and new users who might be 
unaware about this that you need to be involved (or at least aware of 
it). Especially as it could have an impact upon us all.

Please take the time to read the past two discussions in the mailing 
list and see how it has effected others, and how it may affect you as T3 
users and typo3 overall. I believe the general consensus is that it will 
probably have a detrimental effect on us, or why else would it be on the 
home page?


More information in general can be found here:


Then make an informed decision. You can either try to do something or 
choose to not be involved - but at least be aware.  Hopefully you will 
do the few things that you can.

If anyone disagrees with this post, then my apologies. I'm not looking 
for an argument regarding the validity or pro vs. con of patents, I only 
want to remind all of what is going on.

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