[Typo3] tmenu_layers will not disappear

Sander (AlterNET) sander at alternet.nl
Mon Jun 27 13:34:44 CEST 2005

JoH wrote:

>>i have a 3 level dropdown menu, 1st and 2nd level are tmenu_layers and
>>3rd level is a tmenu.
>>Problem is that when i go over them and leave them again, the menu
>>will not disappaear, even though i have set:
>>hideMenuWhenNotOver = 1
>>hideMenuTimer = 500
> Well - hideMenuWhenNotOver is not boolean.
> It's an integer determining the width of the area that will trigger the
> visibility.
> Set it to 15 or 20 and it should be working.
> Joey

Hey Joey,

I know, i have tried that , and it still doesnt work...

1 or 15 or 25, doesnt make a difference..


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