[Typo3] Right thinking for creating a log-in page?

Anders Carlén anders at carlens.se
Mon Jun 27 12:59:15 CEST 2005

Hi list,

I would value the input of more experienced people:

I am building an intranet-type site which should be password protected. 
(The first and only thing a visitor should see is the login screen. Once 
logged in, he/she should then be able to see the rest of the site)

Which is the best way to set up the page tree in this case?
Is it to have a separate login page as root page:

-- Login
-- Root page of protected pages
  |- all other pages
  |- etc...

Or is it possible to do something to the normal root page to first 
display only the login form (and logo etc), and if the user is logged in 
- then display  the rest of the site.

I don't quite understand the best way of thinking in this matter. Thank 
you for any suggestions.

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