[Typo3] CCS Styled Content

Simon Angling simon at anglings.com
Sun Jun 26 22:26:01 CEST 2005

I'm working on my first templates and although everything is going OK (so
far); with the help of MTB, etc; I can't help feel that I don't really know
the best way to go about things. Typo3 is so flexible there are a number of
ways of achiving the same results. 


For example - do people use the Template Auto-parser? I've come to the
conclusion that I'd rather write my own subpart markers into the template.
What about everyone else.


More confusingly, I want to use CSS as much as possible and have looked at
the CSS Styled Content tool but not sure if I'm understanding exactly what
it's doing. Presumably I still need to write a stylesheet for all the
content elements pulled from the many modules available but as much as I've
looked I can't find a definitive list of ID and classes that I need to
include in the stylesheet.


Am I missing something?






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