[Typo3] Using TSconfig to change colPos_list based on page layout

ben van 't ende [netcreators] ben at netcreators.nl
Sat Jun 25 13:04:00 CEST 2005

Bernhard Kraft wrote:

> pherhaps if you explain what you want to achieve we can supply you a 
> better and maybe even simpler solution !

Hi Folks,

I am having like the same problem. On this TS config where I change the column 
layout (fe) and the css I also would want only the needed columns in the backend:


page.includeCSS.file21 = fileadmin/templates/eur/styles/col-1.css
page.includeCSS.file21.media = all
---> mod.SHARED.colPos_list = 0
[globalVar = TSFE:page|tx_rlmptmplselector_ca_tmpl = col-2.htm]
page.includeCSS.file21 = fileadmin/templates/eur/styles/col-2.css
page.includeCSS.file21.media = all
---> mod.SHARED.colPos_list = 0,1
[globalVar = TSFE:page|tx_rlmptmplselector_ca_tmpl = col-3.htm]
page.includeCSS.file21 = fileadmin/templates/eur/styles/col-3.css
page.includeCSS.file21.media = all
---> mod.SHARED.colPos_list = 0,1,2


Obviously the inserted mod.SHARED doesn't function. It would be cool though if 
there would be an easy solution. I don't know if Bernhard Kraft's extension can 
do the trick. You'd have to change something in the CORE for that and I would 
like to avoid that.


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