[Typo3] Typo3 Redefining Itself ... So to speak

Miller, Eric A. EricMiller at creighton.edu
Fri Jun 24 16:46:45 CEST 2005

Under most circumstances that would make sense, but right now I am
stripping it out to the most basic components and the titles are not
pulling, period. 

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Hi Eric,

Miller, Eric A. wrote:
> Has anyone else ran into an issue like this where Typo3 decides on its

> own to stop honoring variables ?

only when you have the extension "artificial intelligence" (extkey: ai)
SCNR  ;-)

seriously: TYPO3 does not change things by itself. 
could it be that the parts of code that cause the problems were cached
when it's worked and build new when when it fails?


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