[Typo3] Count of records

Dawit arigato at webmail.co.za
Fri Jun 24 12:10:52 CEST 2005

Hi list

I am a newbee to typo3 and I want to display the number of records a the page contains after the menu.  The pages contain list of link records in a table (say tx_table), and really want to show how many link records the page contains after the menu, for ex:

Businness (7)
Sports (5)

I know this has something to do with the numRows object of typoscript and i attempted this:

subparts.LEFTNAV.2 = TMENU
   subparts.LEFTNAV.2 {
   expAll = 1
   temp.60 = TEXT
   temp.60.value  {
         numRows  {
             table = tx_cmwlinklist_link
             select.pidInList.data = field : uid

   NO.before.data < temp.60.value
   NO.before.data.Wrap = ( | )
   NO.allWrap =  <tr><td bgcolor="#A1C5E0" width=1>&nbsp;</td><td><img src="clear.gif" width="15"></td><td class="leftnav2"> | </td></tr>

   ACT = 1
   ACT.allWrap = <tr><td bgcolor="#0063AC" width=1>&nbsp;</td><td><img src="fileadmin/templates/smartcape/images/arrow_blu.gif"></td><td class="leftnav2-act"><b> | </b></td></tr>


But nothing is displayed.

Please, any help is greatly appreciated!

- Dawit (dawit)

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