[Typo3] How can I define my header?

Anne-Marie Krogh amk at rosencommunication.dk
Fri Jun 24 11:33:31 CEST 2005

How can I define my header css?

I have in my css file definitions for h1, h2, h3 but it doesn´t work (not
shown frontend)

When I then go into constant editor and define a wrap for the header
Like this (and uses the css_styled_content on the template):
content.wrap.header1 = <font face="h1">|</font>
content.wrap.header2 = <font face="h1">|</font>
content.wrap.header3 = <font face="h1">|</font>
content.wrap.header4 = <font face="h1">|</font>

Then it works ­ but typo3 seems to add some space between the lines (huge
distance between header and content)

If I replace the wrap into a "div" instead of font ­ again it won´t work.

I tried to delete the constants again and put this into the setup field:

//test of header css
tt_content.header1 {
tt_content.wrap.header1 = <div class="text">|</div>
tt_content.header2 {
tt_content.wrap.header2 = <div class="rubrik">|</div>
tt_content.header3 {
tt_content.wrap.header3 = <div class="rubrik">|</div>
tt_content.header4 {
tt_content.wrap.header4 = <div class="rubrik">|</div>

Please help me... ;o) if You know what I am doing all wrong...


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