[Typo3] Different max image width for the Normal and the Right column

Jogvan Olsen jo at atlanticvideo.dk
Fri Jun 24 10:08:56 CEST 2005

I want to define a different max image width for the Normal and the Right 
column. I know this has been answered before, but I can't get it to work on 
my site.

I my TS Constants I have:


styles.content.imgtext.maxW = 420


And I my TS Setup I have:


rightColum  = COA

rightColum {


  20.maxImageWidth = 150

  21 < styles.content.getRight




The part in my TS setup should change the max image width in Right column to 
150, but it doesn't work. All images have a max width of 420.

Can any one tell me what I am doing wrong and how I can fix it, so I have 
one max width for my Normal column and an other max width for my Right (and 
left) column.


I am using:

TYPO 3 3.8

Auto-parser - Subparts/Marks

CSS styled content

Thanks in advance

Jogvan Olse 

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