[Typo3] just a word of praise!

Mathias Schreiber [wmdb>] mathias.schreiber at wmdb.de
Thu Jun 23 13:51:20 CEST 2005

McCluskey, Chris (ISD) wrote:
> "keep cool" - I am, although it is quite sunny here. I didn't think you were
> ranting, maybe just raving ;o)

ok, so we talk the same level :)

> OK, I'll give you the typoScript/api thing... although in this day and age
> it does seem a bit like overkill. I realise that having something like
> typoScript as part of the framework allows Typo3 to be much more flexible
> than the likes of Mambo, PHP Nuke or whatever but it's not a great solution.
> What is the solution? Quite frankly, I don't know but the developers need to
> move away from the 'made by developers for developer' model that Typo3
> currently is, after all why bother using Typo3 at all if you are a
> developer. 

Because I set up a complete website within 45 minutes and have editors 
putting in content after that period.
It's just my way of doing things and I am pretty sure I am way faster 
with TYPO3 than anyone building things manually.

> This is really my main grumble about Typo3... it offers nothing that a more
> generic web technology (like for example PHP or .Net) has to offer but is
> more limiting. What I think would make Typo3 a good tool would be if it did
> it in a (and I realise I'm repeating myself, but it is the central problem
> with Typo3) more usable less fragmented way. 

Ok, so maybe the problem is, that TYPO3 is no programming language.
It's like saying: "Hey, my windows calculator sucks, because in C++ I 
can do much more."
I mean, hey, TYPO3 is a CMS - not PHP nor .NET nor any other programming 

> "This comes from the fact that Typo3 is quite old and this template is so
> too." - The age of Typo3 is apparent. It appears that it has been tweaked
> over the years and had bit's bolted on left right and centre, which is why
> it is so cumbersome. It really needs an overhaul or it will remain a
> minority tool used by a group of enthusiasts.

120.000 installs is a minority?
I don't think so.
But all in all... if you don't see TYPO3s potential I have one 
competitor less :)

  umm... yeah... just like I stated in my post"  - so you agree that you 
> input from outwith the typo3 community and usability is an issue? 

I agree that input from people new to TYPO3 could offer good ideas.
I do not see usability issues, but I am no standard, since I know my way 
around TYPO3, so I can't really tell, whether there are issues or not.

> "I meant that you could point out ways to improve usability" - The
> subscription to this list is on my work email so I really can't spend time
> doing that but I don't think suggestions from one individual would be very
> useful anyway. A proper usability study using a variety of users (with a
> variety of skills) given set tasks would be the way to go about things. 

cool. Go ahead.

> One final thing, I think the typo3 website itself has usability issues. It
> has a lot of info in it but that is only useful if it can be easily found.

There is a team working on that.
The impossible is done now, wonders take a bit longer :)

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