[Typo3] just a word of praise!

McCluskey, Chris (ISD) Chris.McCluskey at isd.csa.scot.nhs.uk
Thu Jun 23 12:15:00 CEST 2005

Did you read everything or just one post? Did you understand my (brief)
views on how to improve Typo3? Do you know what I mischief is? Did you read
my apology for my mischief?  Why are you so angry - does Christianity not
teach forgiveness? 

I forgive you.


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----- > You do realise
it is YOU who decides what TYPO3 spits out? > *hands stone into the
glasshouse* :) > > - are we
still talking about a quick install or after months of learning the > rather
pointless typoScript? >
*throws stone at a numpty* > > "TYPO3 is a good framework." > -
did you have a straight
face when you typed that.
Your attitude is rather pathetic. What is the point of your actions on this
mailing list?

 Jesus is the Lord!
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