[Typo3] Opensource CMS Evaluation Question

Derek digitalfan at earthlink.net
Thu Jun 23 01:47:32 CEST 2005

This site lets you do a direct comparison of 2 CMS:

It looks like all the ones you are interested in are on the site...


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> Hi all,
> I am absolutely new to open source CMS and community. As I am working on 
> a CMS project for my organization (in Education field) and evaluating a 
> few open source CMS systems.
> I would like to ask for your suggestions on the evaluation and systems.
> The current situation is we run four websites on two web servers both on 
> Windows Server (btw, we do not expect the CMS must run on windows). 
> Existing sites have custom applications using JSP with Macromedia JRun 
> on one server and ASP and IIS on another server. Major parts of the 
> sites are static such as news, articles, course description, faculty 
> directory, etc. The primary purpose of the CMS initiative is because we 
> have a lot of information shared among those four sites such as news. 
> They appear on each site with different look and feel. We want to manage 
> single source of content and capable of publishing it to the four 
> websites. Another requirement is we want to maintain the ability to run 
> those existing custom ASP/JSP pages with the CMS system.
> So I kinda envision that the CMS should be on the back end separated 
> from the live site, storing the content on the CMS and be able to 
> generate static page and send to the live server.
> The open source system that we are currently looking are Apache Lenya, 
> Typo3, OpenCMS and Midgard. Currently it seems to me that none of them 
> capable of our requirement out of the box. As I am trying to find a way. 
> I have a few question would like to ask for your suggestion.
> - From the requirement above, do you happen to know any open source 
> system that can fit well?
> - If you have experience with Apache Lenya, Typo3, OpenCMS or Midgard 
> could you please share a bit on the how it compare to each other and 
> amount of work that need to be done to do the functionality that we need.
> - Any resource or suggestion for me at all.
> Thank you very much, I really appreciate your help.
> Regards,
> Saranyu L.
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