[Typo3] Get Flexform data with TypoScript

Lars Houmark lars at houmark.com
Thu Jun 23 01:06:18 CEST 2005

Hello guys,

> Is there another way. All I have found is examples and bits which
> relies on page.something or similiar like the one you just posted.
> What I need is to get this into the menu, so that I can have a page
> specific icon left to the menu item depending on the value in the
> status of the FF field.

Ok, to finish this up, I can inform you of my solution, which I find pretty 
elegant and very well working for a menu. Also this solution gives you a 
very flexibel way of overwriting data. You probably already know the method 
but here goes:

I made a PHP function like this:

function user_iconGenerate($I,$conf) {
  $itemRow = $conf['parentObj']->menuArr[$I['key']];

  $flexXML = $itemRow['tx_templavoila_flex'];
  $XML = t3lib_div::xml2array($flexXML);
  $icon = trim($XML['data']['sDEF']['lDEF']['field_status']['vDEF']);
  $I['addATagParams'] = ' class="icon'. $icon .'"';
  $conf['parentObj']->I = $I;
  $I = $conf['parentObj']->I;
  if ($I['parts']['ATag_begin']) $I['parts']['ATag_begin']=$I['A1'];

  // Returns:
  return $I;

Then I made my menu, pretty simple, but the trick is the IProcFunc like 

includeLibs.myicons = path/to/script/file.php

lib.menu_1 = HMENU
lib.menu_1.1 = TMENU
lib.menu_1.1.IProcFunc = user_iconGenerate
lib.menu_1.1 {
  noBlur = 1
  wrap = <ul class="menuclass"> | </ul>
  NO {
  wrapItemAndSub = <li> | </li>
  ACT = 1
  ACT {
  wrapItemAndSub = <li> | </li>

Each item is put through the function with all the data for the element, 
also the flexform data, though they are in a bit of a mess, but the 
xml2array nicely solves that. The function does its works, and overwrites 
or/and adds some more data to the link and returns the item.

That was easy, when you know how to do it.

Hopefully this can help some others ;)

Have a good day and thanks for your input, it helped most of the way ;)

// Lars 

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