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JoH info at cybercraft.de
Thu Jun 23 01:04:32 CEST 2005

>>> (also it would be the nicest one :->)
> Hamburg sure is nice (that's why I'm there this weekend), but
> Clausthal is a nice place too. That's why people spend their holidays
> here. And it sure is alot cheaper in accommodation and such things.

and I don't think you will get much problems with overbooked accommodation
related to the soccer worldcup.
So this one goes to Clausthal.

>> And a lot of possibilities at the evening... ;)
> Not quite like Hamburg, but it shouldn't get boring. I'd think of a
> barbecue for one evening, a party with a live band or two for the
>   second and maybe live soccer (depending on the date) on the big
> screen on the last day.

Well - from my time at the army I remember two notorious places: "Klimbim"
and "Pupasch"
Don't know if they still exist after nearly 20 years.

>> Not to forget the good infrastructure...
> The infrastructure for the conference is present (auditoriums, exhibit
> hall, PC-Pools for tutorials, WLAN, Catering, accommodation etc.)

Well this is a plus but certainly available elsewhere too.

>> You can get there very easy
> This one clearly goes to HH. We are about an hour from Hannover
> airport. But we would provide shuttle transfer to the nearest train
> stations. So far everybody who wanted to get here, got here.
> + we are 250 km closer for the people from the south ;-)

Next train station is Goslar which can be reached by ICE.

> To make it clear Clausthal is just a small city of 16000 people. But I
> think for a first conference for developers this might even be better
> because we should be able to achieve a good mixture of dev-talk/
> conference and socializing. Like Kasper wrote on the TYCON list:
>> Fantastic idea! Unless I mistook the whole deal and the TyCON is
>> supposed to be that I think we should work on it! The snowboard tour
>> without snow. Next year in may.

Unfortunately this has been completely overlooked while planning the TYCON.

> What I believe is most important for this event is:
> - high quality 'official' conference (talks, exhibit, tutorials)

Of course this is a must.

> - inexpensive event so nobody has to stay away because of the price

Should be a must too but depends on the overall costs and possible

> - attractive off schedule programme for the evenings. Ideally
> everybody stays at the conference at night for dev-talk, partying,
> socializing to make the event also a "getting to know each
> other"-event in the community.

The only small disadvantage I see for myself is that I won't be able to help
preparing the event on site, since Clausthal is more than 300km from here.
But I can offer other things that will be necessary too.

As far as I understood Kasper is supporting the idea but I think we still
might need something like an official "Go!" for such an event.
Who is/are the person/s in charge for things like this?


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