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Matthias Kall matthias.kall at web.de
Thu Jun 23 00:18:21 CEST 2005

>> (also it would be the nicest one :->)
Hamburg sure is nice (that's why I'm there this weekend), but Clausthal 
is a nice place too. That's why people spend their holidays here. And it 
sure is alot cheaper in accommodation and such things.
> And a lot of possibilities at the evening... ;)
Not quite like Hamburg, but it shouldn't get boring. I'd think of a
barbecue for one evening, a party with a live band or two for the second 
  and maybe live soccer (depending on the date) on the big screen on the 
last day.
> Not to forget the good infrastructure... 
The infrastructure for the conference is present (auditoriums, exhibit 
hall, PC-Pools for tutorials, WLAN, Catering, accommodation etc.)
> You can get there very easy
This one clearly goes to HH. We are about an hour from Hannover airport. 
But we would provide shuttle transfer to the nearest train stations. So 
far everybody who wanted to get here, got here.
+ we are 250 km closer for the people from the south ;-)

To make it clear Clausthal is just a small city of 16000 people. But I 
think for a first conference for developers this might even be better 
because we should be able to achieve a good mixture of dev-talk/ 
conference and socializing. Like Kasper wrote on the TYCON list:
> Fantastic idea! Unless I mistook the whole deal and the TyCON is
> supposed to be that I think we should work on it! The snowboard tour
> without snow. Next year in may.
What I believe is most important for this event is:
- high quality 'official' conference (talks, exhibit, tutorials)
- inexpensive event so nobody has to stay away because of the price
- attractive off schedule programme for the evenings. Ideally everybody 
stays at the conference at night for dev-talk, partying, socializing to 
make the event also a "getting to know each other"-event in the community.


Matthias Kall
matthias.kall at web.de

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