[Typo3] Drag and drop in backend

Jeff Segars jsegars at alumni.rice.edu
Wed Jun 22 01:24:28 CEST 2005

> - get the icon to be customised based on the type of page being moved 
> (i.e. icon
> to match the page being moved)

2 changes to ux_alt_db_navframe.php make the page icon work...

At line 15, I just added an ID to the span tag so that it can be 
referenced later on....
15: return '<span id="'.$row['uid'].'" ondragstart=....

At line 117, I inserted a new line.  This line grabs the image 
corresponding to the ID we set up earlier and sets the dragIcon's image 
to it.
117: document.getElementById("dragIcon").innerHTML = 

I don't have access to IE to test there but I believe IE supports 
innerHTML so it should be fine.  It does work correctly in Safari and 


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