[Typo3] indexed search and plugin

christian oettinger christian.oettinger at gmx.de
Tue Jun 21 20:26:31 CEST 2005

I have not found a solution, so I'm goning to post a workaround which 
brings a good extra work if your extension is big (that's the reason I 
wanted to avoid this). Anyway - it works:
Just set you plugin to be cached, you will most likely have to configure 
at least one additional parameter for indexed search (see below - please 
keep in mind parameters multiply the pages to be cached). Then use two 
pages for listView and singleView. So you can disable caching for 
listView in page header of the one page (checkbox in secondary options).

greetings froom munich!

oe (christian)

christian oettinger wrote:
> Hi all,
> I have a plugin I want to be cached and searched by indexed_search. So I 
> added an additional parameter for indexed search (in function main of my 
> plugin):
>  $this->pi_USER_INT_obj = 0;
>  $this->pi_autoCacheEn = 1;
>  $this->piautoCacheFields = array (
>    tx_oebooksandmagazines_pi1[showUid]' => array ('list' => array (0,1)),
>  );
> This works wonderful - now each record my plugin can show is cached 
> seperately, and therefor can also be found using indxed search (what I 
> intend). So far so good.
> But now I do NOT want the listView to be found by indexed_search, only 
> the singleView. I thought that would be easy and I would just have to 
> disable caching for listView but can't figure it out how to do.
> Just using pi_autoCache seperately in function listView and singleView 
> won't work. Maybe because listView has to generate the links for 
> singleView with cHashes and therefore caching has to be switched on for 
> it also?
> any advice?
> thanks for any response!
> greetings from munich
> oe (christian)

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