[Typo3] Strange behaviour after upgrade to last version

Marc Valentin mvalentin at NOSPAM_abeditions.com
Tue Jun 21 17:09:59 CEST 2005

>> I use the multi language system and a frame based web site (based
>> on an old typo3 sample). Here it is :
>> http://www.anthonycharity.org/ The default language is english, and
>> I show little flags to change the language at the top of the page. 
>> My problem is that now, when I click on a flag (on the right frame)
>>  the left frame doesn't disappear. It remains there. You can try.
>> Any idea why ? Thanks.

> try setting the "target" in the language menu - set it to "_top" [as
> far as i remember]. you're probably using the
> example_languageMenu.php? just set targets there :)

I think example_languageMenu.php was used for the old language selection
system. I am using now the extension "Language Selection" 
(sr_language_menu) and I don't find where (in wich file) to put this 
"_top" string. Or is it in the Setup or constant area of the template in 
the BE of Typo3 ?

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