[Typo3] SESSIONTROUBLE.....getKey(), setKey().....but "updateKey()" ??

matthi matthibcn at gmail.com
Tue Jun 21 13:31:11 CEST 2005

Peter Niederlag wrote:
> maybe(!) have a look at:
> $GLOBALS["TSFE"]->fe_user->storeSessionData()	{
Hi Peter,

thanks for your reply.

I allready have $GLOBALS['TSFE']->fe_user->storeSessionData(); in my 
code, otherwise I guess nothing would be stored

> <q>
> 	/**
> 	 * Will write UC and session data.
> 	 * If the flag $this->userData_change has been set, the function
> ->writeUC is called (which will save persistent user session data)

In my case, as I have decided to go the "user", not the "ses"-way I 
guess the trick is in here...


To be honest, I have seen that function before in the tslib_feUserAuth 
but have misinterpreted it´s use and actually I have still no clue how 
to set this $this->userData_change in the context of the total code but 
will try right now

It would be nice to find the use of this function in it´s natural 
environment,means to find a working example...

Anyhow and anyway, thanks again to pointing that out


Matthias Oesterle

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